Share Your Experiences With Mental Health

Mental health is an issue which is important to us all.

It can affect any age, race or gender. It impacts lives across cultures and borders. Depression alone is the leading cause of disability worldwide 1. This makes mental health a global issue and one that has grabbed our attention at Manchester Global Health Society.

We are launching an anonymous blog campaign to give people the opportunity to write freely about their mental health, and also to raise awareness of this prevalent issue.

We encourage those who want speak about their experiences with mental health whether it is personal or of a friend/family member to submit a piece – be it a poem, blog, or anecdote – to our page.  Even if you are not comfortable speaking to those around you, it might help to write about your experience anonymously. We want to break the stigma and sense of isolation surrounding mental health, and give an opportunity for people to discuss it.

An exhibition held at the University of Manchester will provide an opportunity for our writers and readers to read the works that have been sent in anonymously. This will help raise awareness of mental health on the ground in Manchester during the stressful exam period. This exhibition will be co-hosted by OpenMind Network, a society in Manchester, which promotes mental health and well-being amongst the student population.

Think global, act local.


We would like to reassure you that we will not trace this back to you. If you are not comfortable sharing your experience in the exhibition please indicate below.

Mind is a charity which supports those with mental health problems and can be a lifeline to some. We would like to signpost you to their website for donations and also to their information page if you are experiencing problems with your mental health too: read more at Mind UK.


1. (Accessed 12/04/17)