Raising awareness for antibiotic resistance at the Manchester Museum!

On Saturday 18th March, the MCR Global Health Society was proud to support the cause for antibiotic resistance at Manchester Museum’s...

Understanding Abortion in Global Health: An Open Discussion

Understanding Abortion in Global Health – An Open Discussion

[View the story “Understanding Abortion in Global Health – An Open Discussion” on Storify]

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6 important lessons to learn about antibiotic resistance – AMR Event 2016

On 17th November, in collaboration with the University of Manchester’s Division of Population Health, Health Services Research & Primary Care and ReThinkX,...

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Considering Resistance in World Antibiotic Awareness Week

In the lead-up to our event, ‘Antibiotic resistance: A Global Ticking Timebomb?‘, in collaboration with ReThinkX, we explore why the...

Manchester Global Health Society at the B!RTH Festival

The Manchester Global Health Society’s involvement in the Royal Exchange Theatre’s B!RTH Festival (October 19th – 22nd, 2016) began in...

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Upcoming Events – October 2016

Team Gulu 2017 Information Evening – October 19th at MRI Phase II Lecture Theatre Come along to the Team Gulu 2017 Information...

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Upcoming Events – September 2017

Congratulations to all new students at the University of Manchester, both those of you who have just received your well-deserved...

The Global Health Poetry Competition

The Global Health Poetry Competition aims to encourage students across different faculties to view global health issues from a holistic...

Understanding the Health Workforce in Uganda: A Health Systems Approach

So what makes a strong and stable health system? What does the Health System in Uganda look like? How can we...

Refugees and The Homeless: Real Stories

Fire in the blood – A documentary screening by RESULTS

    To commemorate World AIDS day RESULTS are screening the 2013 documentary ‘ Fire In The Blood‘, the story of...

Giving Tuesday – Homelessness

World Aids Day

Broken Systems and Simple Solutions

Outreach to Uganda – An Info Evening