Global Health Poetry Competition & Celebration 2017

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The Global Health Poetry Competition aims to encourage students across different faculties to view global health issues from a holistic perspective. It hopes to inspire meaningful reflection as well as enable students to communicate about global health issues in a way that is compelling and creative to the general public.

The Manchester Global Health Society appreciates that the arts and humanities are essential in advancing human health by creating healthier and more compassionate communities.

We have chosen the theme “Global Health”, which will be given a very wide interpretation by the judges.
This year’s judging panel includes John McAuliffe, an established Irish poet and co-director of the Centre for New Writing at the University of Manchester; Mukesh Kapila CBE, Professor of Global Health & Humanitarian Affairs at the University of Manchester who has worked extensively with the UN, ICRC, WHO and various NGOs; Eleanor Ward, a current PhD student in Creative Writing at the University of Manchester who specialises in contemporary poetry around disability; Dr Enam Haque, GP, Widening Participation and Diversity in Medicine & Health UK board member; and Dr Sarah Collins, current lead for early clinical experience and clinical communication at Manchester Medical School.
Each poem should be no longer than 40 lines. The maximum number of entries per poet is 5.

The closing date of this competition will be 14th April, 2017.
Entries should be emailed to


1st prize – £ 150

2nd prize – £ 100

3rd prize – £ 50

The top 10 students will be invited to recite their poem in a special poetry celebration and recital event that will be held on the 28th April 2017 at Home MCR, Manchester.

 Let’s #spreadtheword together!

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We are very pleased to announce that Dr Sarah Collins, Lead for Clinical Communication at Manchester Medical School and member of collaborative arts troupe ‘Box of Tricks !*&@!’, will present the awards and open the evening on 28th April.

Free tickets (limited!) can be purchased here: Eventbrite

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