Calling students for the Global Health Ambassador Programme 2017/18!



Dear Students,

Would you like insight into one of the most active student led societies on campus? Do you want to make a difference in the world? Are you interested in current global issues such as abortion and reproductive rights, the refugee crisis, feminism and the impact of civil rights on health, the ethics of global corporations such as Big Pharma, mental health, HIV, the impact of global warming and antibiotic resistance?

We would like to invite students from all faculties to apply to be an Ambassador for the University of Manchester’s Global Health Society for this academic year 2017/18.

We run a busy society, holding events on issues that are current and pertinent, such as our recent Open Discussion on Abortion in Global Health following the global gag rule. We also run an online blog, where we previously ran a feature on homelessness, and are about to launch one on mental health.

Manchester’s Global Health Society have a link with a hospital and community in Gulu, Northern Uganda, where we send out a team each summer to improve healthcare services. We also run an annual poetry competition with prizes awarded in consecutive years by the Chancellor of the University, Lemn Sissay – this competition is at the heart of our society and portrays our message that we are a society that wishes to incorporate students from a range of subject areas with a diversity of interests. A multidisciplinary approach involving everyone is the only way of truly tackling global issues.

In the last few years we have ran a successful ambassadorship programmes which led many of our ambassadors to join the committee. Being an ambassador would give you valuable insight into the running of a university society. As the ambassador coordinator on the committee, I would be your support and first port of call.

We want our ambassadors to choose a hands-on project and work as a team to follow this through – whether it be a project on mental health or nutritional disease awareness, it really is up to you! We could help with our experience in running events and campaigns, and equally ask you to help with publicity, at events and further awareness of global issues at UoM and beyond.
We want to give YOU the opportunity to get more involved and pursue your own interests!

We aim to provide you with invaluable experiences and skills to take forward with us, or later on in the world after university. Portfolio certificates will be provided along with feedback.

To apply, please send a word document to by Oct 20th outlining why you want to be an ambassador and including a proposal for your possible project.

Kind regards,

Sophie Ashley
Ambassador Coordinator, Manchester Global Health Society

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