Raising awareness for antibiotic resistance at the Manchester Museum!

On Saturday 18th March, the MCR Global Health Society was proud to support the cause for antibiotic resistance at Manchester Museum’s The Body Experience.

Organised by Dr. Roger Harrison, Senior Lecturer in Public Health at the University, students came together to talk to the public on mechanisms of antibiotic resistance, the importance of effective hand-washing, and on how they could become stewards for resistance using simple demonstrations and games.

What our President, Clarissa Hemmingsen, had to say:

Meeting and interacting with so many local children across all age ranges during the Body Experience 2017 day was amazing. It was inspirational to see just how interested they were, and how much they already knew about bacteria and antibiotics.


Kept busy by a constant influx of families, we thoroughly enjoyed the day, and talking to people about infection and antibiotics outside of an academic context. Public education and awareness is a vital part of the Public Health England’s strategy for reducing rates of resistance and preserving the efficacy of these medications for years to come.

Thank you to all who took part!


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