Thank You from Team Gulu 2016!

Thank you to our supporters!


Team Gulu 2016 have successfully returned from a busy and rewarding month in Gulu, Northern Uganda. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who helped to support the trip through attending our fundraising events, buying cakes at our bake sales, the organisations who supplied us with grants and everyone who sponsored us through our various crowdfunding pages.

Our Hubbub page, which is a crowdfunding initiative started by the University of Manchester Alumni Association, helped us to raise £9,288 towards our final goal of £15,000. We would like to say a particularly special thank you to four of our supporters who pledged a generous amount of over £100 each. As promised, we would like to mention Zac Williams, Alison Thomson, Bea & Pete Rushforth and Mark Healey.

The money raised allowed students from all backgrounds to attend the trip, no matter their financial situation. It meant we were able to stay with incredibly warm and welcoming host families and most importantly we were able to fund health outreaches to 6 locations in Northern Uganda, seeing several thousand patients over the 6 visits. We also took the time whilst we were in Gulu to connect with local organisations and NGOs to gain a better understanding of the history and culture in Northern Uganda.

We will be sharing reports on the trip in due course so keep an eye on the Facebook page and websites. Thank you once again!

Team Gulu 2016

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