Awards Given At the International Festival of Public Health 2016

Public health is crucial to securing a healthy future for all. Our ambition from day one has always been to inspire and enthuse people about global and public health, and make a difference. In fact, it underlines everything we do.

There is no more effective way to achieve this than to have an inspirational public health teacher – they change your mind in ways you couldn’t imagine before, they make you realise ambitions and unleash potential you didn’t think you had.

To promote and reward the very best teachers, this year we are launching an annual award “Most Inspirational Public Health Teacher“, to be presented at the International Festival of Public Health in Manchester on July 1st. We have nominated Dr Arpana Verma, an exceptional teacher, dedicated to Public Health, to research and to teaching and above all those who work with her, particularly to her students.

Read more about Dr Verma and what people say about her here..

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Everything we do should make a difference – and as students we have a huge amount to give; in fact, many of the great scientific discoveries were in fact made by students. We want to foster a culture of innovation, collaboration and enterprise in global health. As world leaders struggle to agree about how to tackle the big issues of today, we need new ways of working, understanding, and interacting with communities and the world around us.

We have therefore also launched the “Most Innovative Student Project” award. To be given to James Adams, a third year medical student at Manchester Medical School, for his outstanding Pregnancy Twinning program.


Read more about James and Pregnancy Twinning here…

We were honoured to have Prof Ian Jacobs, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of New South Wales, Australia to give out the awards this year.

Both awards will be opened up nationally from 2017, and anyone in the UK will be able to nominate themselves or someone they know. Check back here at our website soon for more details!

The Manchester Global Health Society Committee

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