Award: ‘Most Inspirational Public Health Teacher’

Winner of the inaugural “Most Inspirational Public Health Teacher” Award 2016 – Dr Arpana Verma


Dr Arpana Verma has a long history of teaching, research and work in public health. Her dedication to the craft means that she is extremely busy, but that doesn’t stop her from spending time with students, both undergraduate and postgraduate.

She has the rare ability to instil passion and humour, and ensure that they thrive to reach the highest levels. Throughout the years, she has supported countless numbers of students, which is reflected in the feedback that we have received.

Dr Arpana Verma of MUCH and UoM

Dr Arpana Verma

“Arpana is one of the most dedicated tutors I have worked with.” – Michael Bourke


“One of the kindest and friendliest teachers I came across during my time at University.  She taught me plenty, and was always there for advice and help.”  – Prasheena Naran
“She has a wonderful ability to make you feel instantly at ease and part of the team. Although Dr Verma is always incredibly busy she takes the time to get to know each student personally and offer one to one support.” – Emily Granger


“Her sense of humour and resilience is contagious.” – Ian Ashworth                                                                                                                                                                                                                      “Taking on the role as academic lead for all of Greater Manchester’s Specialty Registrars in public health, really shows Arpana’s passion for inspiring our future leaders.” – Ian Ashworth
“She has the ability to ignite a passion and genuine interest in public Heath in those she works with as well as the students she teaches.” – Angela Spencer
“She recognises the potential in individuals and has supported so many in reaching career goals and seeking higher education.” – Angela Spencer


“She is accessible when her diary means she has no time.” – Emily Parry-Harries
“Her energy for research and passion for public health are both infectious and have already shaped many careers.” – Will Morton

2 Responses to “Award: ‘Most Inspirational Public Health Teacher’

  • So honoured and so humbled by this. You are what makes coming to work a pleasure and there’s no better testament than when you flourish. I’m very, very proud of you all and all you have achieved. Please let me know if I can be of help. Thank you for this honour. I’ll remember and treasure it always. Best wishes. Arpana

  • McrGlobalHealth
    1 year ago

    Thank you for the lovely words Arpana, you’ve been a true inspiration and role model for us and many others!

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