Award: ‘Most Innovative Public Health Project’

Winner of the “Most Innovative Public Health Project” by a student – James Adams


James Adams is one of a kind – before even getting to the halfway point of his medical degree he established two large national charities. His energy, enthusiasm and capability to inspire others is well known to his fellow students at the University of Manchester.

In particular, we were impressed by his Pregnancy Twinning charity, where James twinned pregnant women in Malawi with pregnant women here in the UK. The women from the UK pay £40, which then covers multiple costs and much needed resources for the full maternal care and safe delivery of the ladies they were twinned with.

The idea has taken off hugely – it is simple, innovative and deals in an economical way with a major problem through connecting women across the world in the shared experience of childbirth, which should be an equal and safe experience for all.
In fact, we liked it so much we asked him to write a blog about it: read more here…

Joe Watson, Founding member of the Global Health Society:

“James is primarily a skilled communicator (a buzz word adored by Manchester Medical school); or as others may put it, James likes to talk. All the time. Subsequently James’ perseverance and unending enthusiasm for constantly promoting the Pregnancy Twinning wherever he goes, to whoever he meets, whatever the time, has had a significant influence on the success of the project. His infectious passion has draws people into the vision of Pregnancy Twinning and has given everyone ownership of the project. In this way, James has not only co-founded an incredible public health project, but challenged others to do the same.

In a blog that James wrote for the Manchester Global Health Society website last year he gave four pieces of advice for launching a new project. These were: (1) if you have an idea, just get it rolling; (2) tell everyone you come across; (3) email, email and then email some more; and finally (4) if you think you have an idea which will work, don’t give up. James is an excellent example of all of these characteristics and through them, a practical challenge for us to launch our own innovations to improve public health.

However, this incredible project did not come about by chance and James (along with many others) has invested huge amounts of hard work, time and perseverance into making it a success. James has made a number of sacrifices in order to do this, alongside juggling his medical studies and an exceptionally long list of other involvements and initiatives (including the starting of a national student society ‘CATS’ which raises awareness of cancer in Teenagers and Young People). This full schedule is not only testament to James’ innovative character but also his desire to make time in order to invest in projects larger than himself. For this reason, this award for most innovative public health project is well deserved.

Overall, James Adams has achieved exceptional things in his first three years of Medical School, and as such, it is exciting to see what he will do with the many years ahead of him. Well done James.”


Josh Strange, Founder of the Homelessness Healthcare Society:

“James has always been devoted to charity work, seeking to use his passion and skills to improve the lives of others. Never one to say no to a project he cares about, he manages to seamlessly lead on multiple different ventures at the same time.

His unrelenting determination has allowed Pregnancy Twinning to blossom into a source of hope to women of Malawi.”

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