Adventures in Global Health: Dementia Friends

Dementia is a disease which affects so many people in this country. You may be directly affected by dementia, you may have a family member with dementia or you may know a friend who has a family member with dementia – whatever your connection, it is a life-changing condition and something that is on the rise with an ageing population and something everybody needs to be aware of.

The Alzheimer’s Society have launched an initiative which has the aim of educating people about dementia then turning this understanding into action. This initiative is called Dementia Friends.

By attending a Dementia Friends event you will get a badge and a certificate to say you are a Dementia Friend, and you will also gain an insight into the condition and the way in which it affects people in our population. This is an invaluable insight which may end up helping you on a personal level or will allow you to help somebody else when dementia affects their life.

We are holding our own Dementia Friends event as part of our Adventures in Global Health series in collaboration with the University of Manchester Office for Global Health. Prof Alistair Burns who is the National Clinical Director for Dementia in England and also a Professor of Old Age Psychiatry is going to lead the event and give us an insight into dementia, its national and global impacts and then turn our audience into Dementia Friends!

This is a unique opportunity to get involved in, no matter what your background is. You can come and join us on Tuesday 6th October in Lecture Theatre B, Roscoe Building, Brunswick Street at the University of Manchester at 6pm and become a Dementia Friend.

This event is free to attend and it is open to anyone with an interest – you don’t have to be a student!

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