Gulu-Man Link Trip 2014


Jack Cooper is about to start his fourth year at Manchester Medical school after intercalating in pathology. He has been interested in the Gulu-Man link since he first heard about it in 2013. He visited Gulu for the first time in the 2014 and will return this summer with several more students. Outside of medicine he enjoys running, football and playing the trumpet.

The Gulu-Man link is a partnership between the University Hospital of South Manchester (UHSM) and the medical school of Gulu, a city in northern Uganda. Multiple times a year, teams from Manchester go over to Gulu to deliver courses to medical students and healthcare professionals in Gulu, and it is also a common destination for 5th year Manchester medics on their elective.

I was fortunate enough to go to Gulu last July, to help run the introduction to clinical learning (ICL) course – the first time a student has been taken to assist – for Gulu medics going into third year.

This is a course that all Manchester medical students receive at the start of their clinical years. Without this, the Gulu students would be going into their clinical placements with very little preparation and experience of clinical skills. Throughout the week, there was teaching on clinical examinations, skills such as venepuncture and cannulation, communication skills, prescribing, and also an introduction to obs & gynae and paediatrics – two of the areas covered in 3rd year. My main roles were to take a lead in some of the small group sessions, such as teaching communication skills, and to also run some of the examination skills teaching.

I found the teaching incredibly rewarding – teaching isn’t something that had massively appealed to me in the past, but the Ugandan students were so receptive, keen to learn, and also so appreciative of our efforts, it really made it a worthwhile, enjoyable experience, and one that I’d definitely like to do again.

In addition to the teaching, the rest my trip to Gulu was also thoroughly enjoyable. It was a fascinating experience, from the interest that the locals had in us all, to the horrendous roads, and the big football game we played with the students at the end. They were impressed that the ‘Muzungu’ (white people) could actually play!

Both myself and the rest of the team felt that having a student on the trip was a mutually beneficial aspect, hence the planning of further students to go this summer. The trip this year will not be to help run the ICL course, but a lot of my experiences will be shared by those who do go, even though they will be partaking in different areas.

Jack Cooper

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  • Haaaaaa, this is great, I remember very well especially the football, was great, we meet soon in Gulu… We can’t wait any longer .
    Greetings to Ogilvie and Huang.

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    Welcome to Gulu again jack and other colleagues…I.e. Huang and Ogilvie

  • kayinda francis
    2 years ago

    yess jack i remember very well. you did a good job cant wait for you guys to come back

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